Fishing Trip FAQ

  1. What gear/equipment will be supplied by the captain on a trip?

    All gear and licenses will be provided by use at all times for no charge.

  2. What am I responsible for bringing on the trip?

    You will be free to use our on board coolers with ice, all you need to bring is your own drinks and snacks.

  3. What type of boat will be used?

    We have many different sizes and types of boats in our fleet ranging from 18ft skiffs to our 40 foot sportfish boat to cover any type of fish you want to target and we go as far as 60 miles offshore.

  4. Maximum number of passengers per trip?

    We offer fishing trips that can take 3-6 people depending on the trip and we may only take 3 as per florida law for our Boca Grande Tarpon trips.

  5. What different species of fish are commen to catch?

    We target a wide variety of fish for both inshore and offshore fishing including redfish, snook, pompano, trout, snapper, shark, grouper, tarpon, spanish mackeral and kingfish.

  6. What are the catch success rates?

    We all get to enjoy a very large sucess rates.

  7. How long does a fishing trip last?

    We offer trips from 4 hour half days to 10 hour offshore.

  8. Can I extend my trip while we are out?

    You may extend your trip while you are out but it is best to plan ahead to your captain can be prepared with enough supplies and bait.

  9. What areas of the coast will we be fishing/exploring?

    We will fish and explore many reefs and wrecks offshore from Sarasota and Venice as well as the mangrove rivers and canals miles inshore.

  10. What makes the area a prime location for Florida fishing?

    The Florida's gulf coast offers a wide variety of fish due to the warm waters of the gulf of Mexico. With very calm waters we can fish offshore most days of the year. The gulf offers more back water area then a person could explore in a lifetime!

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